DIY Dog Bowl Chairs: What An Awesome Idea!

We are constantly on a lookout for you and your furry friends for cool, easy-to-make (well, this is relative) DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that could be fun for you to build and for your dogs to enjoy.

We've come across this awesome article from the folks at The DIY Village showcasing DIY Dog Bowl Chairs!

Do you need a raised feeding station for your dog? Why not make one using old chairs!

This will be perfect for those dogs who need an elevated feeding station to make it easier for them to eat and drink without having to bow down every time.

Check it out!

Being DIY/crafters we often run into situations where people have old furniture that they just“knew” we could do something with. More often that not this turns into a garage FULL of pieces I have NO clue what to do with! So when life gives you lemons (aka furniture you have no clue what to do with) you make lemonade (aka Dog Bowl Chairs).

Elevated feeding station. Perfect for large dogs, especially as they get older and bending to the ground becomes increasingly hard for them.

Right after we were given 4 old school chairs we quickly primed two of them. The other two were not suitable for sitting, one had a cracked seat (ouch) and the other was missing a side support. I was getting ready to load them into my car to take them to the ReStore when my sister mentioned that Bailey (her collie) would really love a raised feeding station. And thus began the idea of the diy dog bowl chairs using old chairs.

Since I had the idea one would think I jumped right on that.  Well I didn’t I bought the bowls and they sat for 6 months to be exact. That is until I got my newest most awesomest toy in the world, my Silhouette. Talk about fun, no more excuses time to get these chairs done and get them to some use rather than collecting dust in the garage!

Check out the original article at The DIY Village website to view the rest of the article and to find out the exact steps to take and the materials and tools you need to make this awesome dog bowl chair!

Source: The DIY Village

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