Tiny Dog Only Survives Coyote Attack Because Of The Collar She Was Wearing

Home security footage showed video of a family’s two Shih Tzus playing and running around in the yard when a coyote showed up out of nowhere.

It looked as if the dogs tried to play with the coyote at first, but when Brodie took off toward it, things got pretty scary.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

The next thing you see, Brodie’s running for her life with the coyote right on her tail. The coyote ends up grabbing the 13-pound pup by the neck and trying to flee the yard.

But the little dog survived the encounter because of the collar she was wearing at the time.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Brodie was wearing the collar that goes along with the home’s electronic invisible fence. And when the coyote tried crossing the yard’s border, it received a small zap.

With the coyote’s mouth around the dog’s collar, it just enough of a shock to scare the beast into dropping Brodie.

Brodie was able to escape with only a few minor puncture wounds, and she’s expected to make a full recovery! 🙂

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