Couple stops to help ducklings trapped in storm drain — thank you

It’s always inspiring to see everyday people go out of their way to help animals in need. That was the case recently, when one couple stopped to rescue a group of baby ducks who had fallen into a storm drain gate.

Crystal Guinnane and her husband Gary, from Manteca, California, were on their way to lunch when they saw a mama duck standing outside a storm drain in 85 degree heat.

The duck was quacking and looked distressed — Crystal, a mother herself, could sense that she needed help: “My mama heart told me that something was wrong,” she wrote on TikTok.


The couple pulled over and discovered that the mama’s baby ducklings had fallen into a sewer storm drain grate. The ducklings were trapped and attempting to jump out.

They knew they had to help. Gary lifted the grate and climbed down into the storm drain, and started lifting the ducks to safety.

In a follow-up video, Crystal said that the ducklings reunited with their mom, and on their way back from lunch they saw the family swimming together in a nearby pond.

Sadly, two of the ducklings didn’t make it: one was found dead in the storm drain and another had been run over by a vehicle in a parking lot. But seven of the ducklings were safe and sound thanks to their intervention.

“We live by Bass Pro Shop and they have a big lake in front,” Crystal told McClatchy News. “We go there often and every spring there’s ducklings so we always go see them. We weren’t expecting babies in the summer.”

Wildlife officials told McClatchy News that it’s better to leave wildlife alone, and if you see a hurt baby animal it’s better to call a wildlife rehabilitation center or fish and game office.

However, many people praised the couple for stepping in and saving the ducks. “Not all heroes wear capes,” one person commented on TikTok.


Thank you for saving these ducklings and reuniting them with their mom!

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