Couple hear faint cries coming from a locked dumpster

Reading stories about sweet animals that are dumped as if they are a piece of trash can make some of us emotional but what about the animal heroes who find them?

A couple were taking a walk after lunch when they heard what they initially thought was a bird. Thankfully they investigated further.

They discovered a kitten hiding under a dumpster and embarked on a tricky rescue mission that left them pretty emotional.

Jennifer Quinn Yovino

Jennifer and Jim Yovino were taking a walk through an alley behind Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, in California, when their day took a completely different turn.

They heard a tiny cry coming from a nearby dumpster.

‘Buried in the trash’

“At first I thought it might have been a bird but I stopped in my tracks to listen, call out and listen again. And there it was… a desperate cry (or rather a meow) for help,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

“I had Jim give me a “boost” to peer over. We knew where he was, but we couldn’t see him because he was tiny and he was buried in the trash.”

Unfortunately, the dumpster was behind a locked gate.

Jennifer Quinn Yovino

But Jennifer and Jim weren’t the only Good Samaritans on the street that day. Armando, Francisco, Joe, Jake, Brian and Steve came over to offer help.

Using tools to get the gate open, Jennifer crawled under it in an attempt to locate the kitten, but the scared moggie ran and settled under a moving van.

‘Such a relief’

“He went straight under (to our horror) and then up into the engine.” said Jennifer.

“They opened the hood, reached in and pulled him out. It was such a relief once we had him in our arms. We knew then he’d be safe.”

Jennifer Quinn Yovino

They found a t-shirt, swaddled him and held him close giving him some reassuring pets. Then he started to purr.

“I think he was still scared but at the same time, he’d never been that warm or that happy or that loved.”

They named the sweet kitty Fulton.

The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California took the sweet ginger boy into their care and found him a loving foster home.

Watch the moment they rescue this sweet furball in the clip below. It wasn’t as easy as they first thought.

I’m so glad this couple were in the right place at the right time. Now Fulton can enjoy the life he deserves.

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