Tiny Beagle Discovers He Can Howl, Adorably Shows Off His Skills For The Camera

Beagles are known for their signature howls. Most of them learn to howl on their own. For 8-week-old Beagle puppy named Copper, his first – howls became a memorable experience for the entire family.

Source: Ginny Green/YouTube

In this delightful video filmed by Mom, Copper has just discovered how to howl. He is so thrilled that he wants to show off his newfound skill in front of the camera. He looks pretty darn cute as he goes from ‘aweeeeee’ to ‘awoooooo’, on cue!

Copper’s 2-year-old human sibling can be heard in the background, letting out impersonations of similar howls. Soon, the room is filled with the happy voices of this unique howling practice.

We noticed that Copper’s head flips and ear flaps, every time that he howls, and it is way too adorable!

Source: Ginny Green/YouTube

Sadly, we’ve learnt that Copper had an untimely death at the age of nine due to cancer. Mom shared this video, as a part of the grand legacy of happy memories that he has left behind. Rest in peace, Copper. We miss you.

Click the video below to watch Copper’s adorable howling practice!

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