The ‘Oreo Cloud,’ Cookies & Cream Chow-Chow Pup Is A Future Therapy Dog

Chief the Chow-Chow is quite the looker. The pup comes from a long line of pure Chows but has a very unique look of his own that has earned him the nickname “Oreo Cloud” by his mama, Sara Hamilton.

The four-year-old dog’s fur looks like cookies and cream ice cream, and his Instagram page is full of pictures and videos to show it off!

He’s small for now, but he will grow to be about 85 pounds. Chief is very sweet natured, and his family plans on having him certified as a therapy dog for sick children when he gets older.

Chief may be internet famous, but he’s just a regular dog who loves naps and belly rubs! He also loves baths and gets brushed every day to help prevent his unique fur from matting.

Just lovely, isn’t he? 🙂

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