Video Released Of Baby Calves Being Brutalized At Popular Farm Tourist Attraction

An incredibly disturbing undercover video was released from a farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana, and another longer video has surfaced with the same level of animal abuse.

Fair Oaks Farm founder Mike McCloskey told WGN9 News he is disgusted by the animal cruelty shown in an undercover video created by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM).

Source: WGN9

The investigator captured footage of Fair Oaks Farm employees throwing, kicking, stabbing, beating, and burning innocent calves. An outside contractor is also seen on video abusing the animals.

Source: WGN9

The farm employs 700 people and is well known for its dairy products in the Chicago area. McCloskey told media he planned to make things right and fired the abusers.

Several grocery store chains pulled the farm’s Fairlife products from their shelves despite McCloskey’s promises.

Source: WGN9

The owner plans to install surveillance cameras and will hire an inspector to make surprise visits. The extremely disturbing video in its entirety may be viewed below.

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