Meet Steve, the Cat That Thinks He’s A Lamb

When Amanda Whitlock and her partner brought a group of lambs inside from the cold and nursed them, they got help caring for them from their curious orange tabby cat, Steve.

The little lambs grew up believing the 8-month-old cat is one of them, albeit a bit of a funny looking lamb. Not only that, they consider him the boss and Steve, being a cat, accepts that role willingly.

Amanda told the New Zealand Herald that when the lambs were moved outside, Steve followed after his flock to keep an eye on him. It’s as if he sees himself as a sheep!

“He’ll be walking around the yard and they’ll be following him or he’ll be playing in the bushes and they’ll look to see what he’s doing,” she said.

And when this photo hit the local papers, he became a bit of an Internet celebrity.

A new video from the Herald caught up with Steve and his flock to learn more about this unlikely friendship.

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