Cartoons Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like When Dogs Sleep On The Bed

Dogs on the bed. It’s a hot topic among dog lovers. Do you let them on the bed or keep them off? If you let them on the bed, do you end up being squeezed to the edge with only a sliver of space on the mattress left to you? In other words is your dog a polite “bed dog” or a “bed hog?”

We have a feeling that cartoonist Rupert Fawcett has experienced the “bed hog” once or twice because his Off the Leash cartoons not only tickle the funny bone, they ring so true! Take a look at some of them below.

“Didn’t we once say…”

“In the middle of the night.”

“The bedroom.”

“Whose the boss?”

“Need a bigger bed?”

“Can we help you?”

“Spread out.”

“Why are the dogs barking?”

“Importance of getting to bed before the dogs.”

“The night before the puppies arrived.”

“Are we normal?”

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