Smart Bulldog Knows Ice Cream Truck Music – Now He’s The Guy’s Best Customer

Some dogs get excited about a bone, but for Rambo the Bulldog, he’d much rather a frozen treat instead. The Huntsville, Alabama dog loves the ice cream man and goes bonkers when he hears the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck coming down his street.

Rambo’s dad, Ashish Silwal, told WAAY-TV News, “He’s like give me my ice cream, my dad will pay you.”

Source: WAAY-TV 31 News/YouTube

When the dog saw the ice cream truck for the first time, he got extremely excited. His dad took him out for a frozen popsicle, and now the pooch is hooked.

Every time the music from the truck is played, Rambo knows it’s treat time. Even the ice cream truck driver gets excited, and he gives the doting doggo his own popsicle.

Source: WAAY-TV 31 News/YouTube

The 2-1/2-year-old pup has become quite the local celebrity, as he looks out the window, runs to get his yummy snack, and lets his dad pay the bill.

See the cutie in action in the news footage below. Enjoy those popsicles, Rambo!

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