Bulldog puppy throws hilarious temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way

This has to be the cutest Bulldog ever. He simply wants things to be done his way because he believes he’s the most important family member who deserves all the intention in this world.

When the family took lovely Reuben in, they were made clear that he is one of those animals who wants to be spoiled rotten and given all the love. And guess what? That turned out to be very true.

In the video below we can see Reuben’s owner pretending to be taking a nap, but the charming dog isn’t very happy with the idea. He probably wonders why his human daddy would relax on the couch when he can spend that time playing with his furry pal.

The cute pup tries to persuade his daddy to get up and bond with him by giving him a juicy kiss on the cheek, but once he realizes he’s not getting any attention he throws a temper tantrum and it’s sort of hilarious.

Check the video below. It will put a smile on your face.

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