Boy Weeps As Senior Dog Dies In His Arms After Fireworks Cause A Panic Attack

A family from Esquel, Argentina, has come forward to share their tragic experience during the holiday season fireworks.

The family’s senior dog, Magui, has died from severe panic attacks after being unable to cope with the intense fireworks noise.

Source: Fernando Erazo Gallegos/Facebook

Sadly, none of the emergency help-lines responded when the family called for help. The family was devastated as they watched the terrified Magui scream in desolation and beg for solace.

The family’s young son desperately hugged Magui to ease her pain, but the tortured dog slowly passed away in his arms.

Mom Antonella Modasjazh later shared her story on social media through a heartbreaking post saying, “Your fun stunned her, terrified her, generated an inexplicable panic. Your fun killed her.” 

Thousands of people have since supported Antonella’s crusade, with many pointing out that people unknowingly kill countless innocent lives during the festive season.

Source: Fernando Erazo Gallegos/Facebook

People have also requested emergency services to be more responsive during the holiday season. Magui’s death is an eye-opener for all of us and we must do everything in our power to protect our furry friends.

Let’s stand together and spread the word about the fatal impact of fireworks on dogs!

Click the video below to watch how dogs suffer in the wake of explosive fireworks.

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