Beware! Guard Pug On Duty!

Pugs are intelligent, tenacious, strong, physically fit, loyal and heroic. And they pack one hell of a bite.

Everyone knows pugs are cute, but did you know that they make great guard dogs? Here's a video that shows how a pug who has gone through special training can become an incredible guard dog.

Wrinkles the Pug (starring in this video) demonstrates how pugs will guard your home while you're away… and will let criminals know, “hey, this house is guarded by a pug!”

So, if you've got a pug guard dog, put up the “Beware of Pug” or “Beware, Guard Pug On Duty” sign to warn the criminals and the burglars they better not mess with your home or they're going to get savagely attacked by a ferocious pug guard dog!

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1,243 thoughts on “Beware! Guard Pug On Duty!

  1. Mom a car drove by, mom another truck drove by , mom the mailman was here, mom, the garbage truck is out front , mom someone rang the doorbell , mom sirens on T.V. , yeah Scooter is well aware of the world outside the house

  2. Didnt have to tell me that, I have 3 that bark at an ant walking in the next street. My dogs hear me walking up the street when I am 5 houses away on the other side of the road and start crying. I did read dogs can hear from 500m away.

  3. I know this sounds bizarre, but I was getting cable TV installed by a really tall burly technician when my pug waddled I to the room with a grin on his face. The guy squealed and jumped up on the couch and would not get down until I took the dog out. Needless to say, he was kicked out, his supervisor was called and the pug and I had a calming cup of tea!

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