25 Gifts That Anyone Obsessed with Pugs Will Love

Maybe this list should be called Best Gifts for Anyone, because who doesn’t love pugs? But these items will leave no doubt, and that’s what the Pug Life is all about.

1. Anatomy of a Pug Mug


A mug for the lover of hot beverages and pugs alike.


2. Pug Socks


For the funky-fancy footed pug lover.


3. Pug-o-poly Board Game


For the board game lover! Every space is pug themed, including “GO,” which says “GO PUGS!”


4. Pug Ornament


It’s shatterproof, so it’s sure to last year after year.


5. Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers


Have you ever seen anything so cute—other than a real pair of pugs?


6. Pug Etched Wine Glass




7. Pugs Not Drugs T-Shirt


Where is the shirt that recommends pugs AND drugs, though? Or maybe “Make Pugs, Not War,” like that makes sense…


8. Doug the Pug Calendar


Or a calendar of local rescue pugs. Pug Day Calendar maybe?


9. Pug Memo Holder


For the pug lover at work.


10. Pugdala Coloring Book


For your most Zen friend, who still loves pugs.


11. Pug Lunch Container


It’s a little weird, but so is your friend, maybe.


12. Pugs Make Me Happy Mug


The description tells you to “imagine the look on their face when they open their gift and find their new favorite coffee mug.” Yes. Imagine it. Perfect for the misanthropic pug lover at the office.


13. Bluetooth Pug Speaker


Tech-savvy and cute, who could ask for anything more?


14. Pug Bookmark


Aww, having this little booty sticking out of a book would make reading even more entertaining.


15. Pug Etiquette Book


Pugs play by their own rules and it’s about time everyone recognized that.


16. I HUG PUG Tee


Do you love pugs? Do you love hugs? This shirt is perfect for you.


17. Pug Measuring Tape


Give this to the pug lover in your life who also needs a new bra. It’s a lot easier and cuter to use this to get your measurements than to try to use a rigid measuring tape from a hardware store.


18. Pug Tea Infuser


What’s not to like about this? If you don’t like tea, I guess, but that’s your problem. Don’t overthink it.


19. Starry Night Pug Throw


Don’t ask why this exists, just be glad that it does.


20. Pug Baby Hat


For the friend who has a pug and a baby. Or a baby, but no pug. Now they have both.


21. Pug-In-A-Box Ornament


In case your pug lover doesn’t already have one. Look at him, sitting there in that box.


22. Pug Wrapping Paper


Wrap the present in this to make it extra pug-ly!


23. Shelby's Snack Shack Game


Great game for the kids or grandkids. They'll love this and learn too!


24. Plush Winter Warm Pug Slippers


These warm, soft and comfy slippers make a great gift for your pug-loving friends! and/or just gift a pair to yourself!


25. Pugtato Tee


Do you love pugs? Do you love carbs? This shirt is perfect for you.

26. That's all for now

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