Best Dogs for Runners – 20 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Running

Siberian Huskies

Best for: Running in the cold

Quick and light on its feet, this working dog usually enjoys any activity. Very athletic dogs that definitely do best in the colder air, but can hold their own in the spring and fall, too.

Border Collies

Best for: Long steady runs; running in the cold (just not the snow)

They are amazing athletes and very energetic. Competent, well-trained Collies are a joy to run with and can dart and duck and move with the best of them. Their coats help them in chilly conditions, but dense snow can get trapped in their fur, making them too cold.

Belgian Sheepdogs

Best for: Brisk, short runs

This breed generally has lots of energy to burn on many types of runs. Highly trainable, but make sure to address nipping in the beginning as it is a byproduct of their innate herding.

Pharaoh Hounds

Best for: Brisk, short runs

While they don’t need to pound out several miles a day, the Pharaoh Hound requires the right amount of exercise—and a run certainly fits the bill. They are hunting dogs, so be aware that he may want to chase after small animals until it’s trained.

Portuguese Water Dogs

Best for: Trails with obstacles; long, steady runs

The American Kennel Club says they are usually affectionate, adventurous, and energetic. They are working dogs and basically treat the run as a job by putting their heads down and hammering out miles. As the name suggests, they also don’t mind a little dampness under their paws.

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