Best Dogs for Runners – 20 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Running

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Best for: Running in the heat; long, steady runs

A strong breed that needs its exercise. “This breed is good in heat so can be a great running partner in warmer climates,” Clough says. Barrera adds that they have a natural gait and internal engine that makes them perfect for going a bit longer.

Fox Terriers

Best for: Running in the heat

This breed is friendly, energetic, and lively. The American Kennel Club suggests early training as Fox Terriers “can eagerly run off to follow any adventure” if not on a leash.


Best for: Running in the cold

A thick coat and stocky build makes this a perfect breed for cold-weather runners. Built to be a sled dog, these dogs crave work and love exercise.

German Shepherds

Best for: Running in the cold

Barrera has run with three German Shepherds—all with varying personalities, and all that love running. Enthusiasm, intelligence, and the need for vigorous exercise make this breed the perfect running partner.

Swiss Mountain Dogs

Best for: Running in the cold

These big guys with even tempers are often great family dogs. Mellow at home, but they were built to work on farms, so they enjoy a short jog to get in some exercise.

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