Best Dog Food for Boxers

Best Dog Food for Boxers

Welcome! My name is Edgar and I am a six-year-old Boxer.

My favorite hobbies include walks on the beach, barking at the neighbors, and snuggling with the cat that lives in my house. I think she’s called Raggs.

I am quite the connoisseur when it comes to dog food. I’ve tried everything from wet food to kibble, fish to meat.

My human is very good at changing my diet and I’ve only ever had issues with one new food (my human wasn’t very pleased with the scents I was producing).

Us Boxers are huge foodies in the canine world. We will eat just about anything, but this often comes with a price! We are prone to farting, stomach pain, and food allergies.

I can’t recommend the best food for every single Boxer in the world, but I can tell you my favorites!

Here are the best dog foods for Boxers, written by yours truly.

Best Dog Food for Boxers

1. My Personal Favorite: Royal Canin Boxer Adult Dry Dog Food

This is my favorite dog food that I have been eating for about 6 months now. Not only does it taste amazing, but it makes me feel healthy and well!

I had put on weight before this food, but a change of diet completely slimmed my waistline. This dog food is designed specifically for Boxers like myself, so of course I’m going to like it!

I can’t make sense of the scribbles on the bag the food comes from, but I can definitely taste a mixture of everything I like: vegetables, chicken, pork, and a hint of rice. This is a high-protein diet which is ideal for Boxers as we are so active and require a lot of energy to burn off!

Some Boxers may develop heart problems if they are particularly gluttonous, but this dog food includes taurine amongst other nutrients to maintain a healthy heart. I can also taste fish and soya oil which are great for keeping my coat and skin smooth and moisturized.

A low-fat and high-protein diet is essential for Boxers due to our appetite and energy levels. This dog food provides just the right balance because I never feel ill after eating it.

Also, the kibble size is just right – not too big that I can’t chew it, and not too small that I swallow and choke on it. I’ll still eat it within a minute, though!


  • High-protein and low-carb diet – Keeps my energy levels high without increasing my weight
  • Full of taurine, DHA, and EPA – Ideal for maintaining my healthy heart
  • Good sized kibble – Makes sure I don’t choke on small kibble pieces


  • 15+ months – Not suitable for dogs under 15 months old, this is grown-up food!

2. My Guilty Pleasure: Royal Canin Boxer Canned Dog Food

Listen, I know it smells bad to humans, but all dogs absolutely love wet food. I know it’s not as good for my teeth as kibble, but it satisfies me when I don’t drink much water during the day.

My human likes to mix a spoonful of this Royal Canin canned food with my kibble to add a bit of flavor, and I can’t thank her enough for it!

Sometimes, my human will give me scraps of her food. This canned food is a healthier, dog-friendly version of that! I can taste chicken, pork, vegetables – all in this juicy and flavorsome meal.

This is the wet food version of the previous Royal Canin dry food I talked about! It includes nutrients that keep my heart healthy and strong, oils to keep my skin and coat smooth, and is designed especially for Boxers!


  • High-quality ingredients – Chicken, pork, and vegetables make a flavorsome meal that Boxers will get excited to eat
  • Contains essential nutrients – Taurine and oils help to maintain a healthy heart, skin, and coat
  • Hydrating – Filled with water to help dogs rehydrate


  • Spoilt dogs – So tasty that your Boxer may become fussy

3. The Healthiest: Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

I remember trying this food a couple of years ago when my human was worried I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. I remember it being tasty and made me feel the most active and healthy!

This dog food is made with the best ingredients possible. Everything tasted very real in this, which means it included no artificial ingredients and no added sugar – I’m much more of a savory kind of dog anyway! This particular food has a lovely grilled steak and vegetable flavor, which comes from real meat and bones.

I feel like it’s important to say that this food is not grain-free, which could be problematic for some Boxers who have allergies. Not me, though! These grains help to keep my digestion running smoothly.

My favorite part of this food is the animal fat. While it might sound like this will make me gain weight, animal fat is an essential omega-6 acid that keeps my skin and coat all smooth and shiny.


  • Filled with nutrients – Omega06 fatty acids, whole grains, and antioxidants help to keep my skin, coat, digestive system, and stool healthy
  • Made from fine ingredients – Tasty and healthy as there are no artificial and unnatural flavors
  • Balanced formula – High-protein, low-carb, and no added sugar makes for a healthy diet to keep Boxers fit


  • Not grain-free – Allergy-prone Boxers may react differently to this dog food if they cannot handle grain

4. My Friend Recommends: Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

I bumped into my Boxer friend, Caesar, the other day in the park. He lives with a Golden Retriever called Alfie.

Caesar recommended this Iams dog food because his human feeds it to both himself and Alfie and they both love it. I’m the only dog in my household so I can’t say whether other dogs will enjoy it as much as Boxers, but I trust Caesar!

Caesar said that this food is the best because it is made from farm-raised chicken, which is as good as it gets for dog food. This natural protein is great because it keeps his bones strong and his muscles lean. Definitely beneficial for large, active dogs like Caesar and Alfie.

This is not a grain-free formula as it includes barley and corn, which are great for improving digestion.

Caesar also overheard his human saying something about a vet liking the dog food too, which is why they eat it every day.


  • High-protein formula – Ideal for keeping bones strong and muscles lean
  • Made from natural ingredients – Farm-raised chicken is organic and tasty
  • Suitable for large breeds – Designed for all large breed dogs, which is great for Boxers


  • Not grain-free – Might be unsuitable for allergy-prone Boxers

5. Best for Sporty Dogs: Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food

Back in my show-dog days, my human fed me this Purina Pro Plan dog food. I don’t think I’ve ever been as fit or as energetic as I was back then (alas, I like my food).

I would have a bowl of this before training, then go for a swim in the sea, have a nap on the couch, and then have another bowl for dinner.

This dog food is made of real chicken, which is why it is so easy to eat. This high level of protein is ideal for a Boxer’s metabolism because we have a lot of energy to burn.

The chicken helps to keep our muscles lean, our bones strong and powerful, and keeps our waistlines slim!

Sometimes after exercise, a dog’s muscles and bones can be sore and tired. This food is filled with amino acids to provide care to these sensitive areas, so we can heal faster in preparation for the next training session.

While I may not be a competitive Boxer anymore, I recommend it to competitive newbies!


  • High-protein from real chicken – Tasty, organic, and filled with energy to suit Boxer’s metabolisms
  • Amino Acids – These help to care for sore muscles and bones after exercise
  • High calories – Helps to maintain a Boxer’s body weight with their high metabolism


  • Best for competitive dogs – Very rich in protein, which isn’t ideal for senior dogs

Best Dog Food for Boxers Buyer’s Guide

As I have said before, Boxers have specific dietary requirements as with every other breed of dog.

We’re all built differently and, as much as we’d like to eat whatever we like, we aren’t built in the same way as humans.

Sometimes I get jealous of my human who eats different meals every day, but I have to remember that it’s because my body isn’t meant for that sporadic diet.

That doesn’t mean I won’t give her the ol’ puppy dog eyes to get some leftovers, though.

Here are some handy tips to help you find the best food for your Boxer, coming from an absolute expert!

Boxer’s Needs

Us Boxers are energetic, large, and wonderful family dogs. Some Boxers have higher energy levels than others, but we’re all big fans of long walks and runs.

We derive from working dogs, so while we can be tough to handle in the first year or two, we become incredibly loyal and dedicated to our humans! It only makes sense for our humans to provide reciprocated love in the best way possible – food.

Unfortunately, Boxers don’t live very long lives. I knew a Boxer down my street who died at 10 years old. We’re also prone to heatstroke in the hot months, hip dysplasia, heart problems, stomach issues, flatulence, and even cancer. This is why it is vital to feed your Boxer the right type of food to keep us healthy and happy!

Ingredient Requirements

Boxers are notoriously gluttonous. We will eat anything, even if it’s bad for us. So, it’s important to know the types of ingredients to look for and avoid in dog food.


The first thing to consider is if the food is grain-free or not. Dog foods that contain whole grains aren’t bad, because they offer fiber which helps out digestive systems. This is very helpful if, like me, you go through phases of flatulence.

My human sometimes adds cooked rice into my meals when my tummy is upset because it makes my stool easier for her to pick up.

Boxers are prone to allergies, so some Boxers will struggle with whole grain dog food. If you notice any abnormal behavior and stomach problems, there’s a chance the grain is an issue!

Natural Ingredients

I often see my human take food out of boxes and wrappers, but I don’t think food is organically made with a wrapper on.

Boxers thrive on natural, organic foods that are high in protein. My personal favorite is chicken, and I’m also prone to steak and fish!

Anything with artificial flavors and by-products will not be good for us. It might taste great, but this dog food is filled with fillers that don’t actually do anything. They just fill us up with rubbish, and we don’t get any benefits from it.

Oils, Minerals, Nutrients, and Vitamins

I obviously cannot read whatever scribbles are on the dog food packet, but I do know that the best dog foods include essential nutrients that we need to have a balanced diet.

This includes oils such as animal or fish oil, which helps to keep my skin and coat hydrated and shiny.

Taurine, DHA, and EPA are all great for keeping my heart healthy. As Boxers are prone to heart disease due to our energy levels, this is important!

Foods that include fruits and vegetables, such as spinach and blueberries, are ideal for keeping our immune systems in the best shape possible.


As mentioned before, grains are great sources of fiber for our digestion. However, too much grain can cause tummy problems – especially as we are so prone to them.

Whether the food you choose is grain-free or not, always make sure to look for fruits and vegetables on the ingredients list. We like lentils and flaxseeds!


We work best on a high-protein and low-carb diet as we need more energy than carbohydrates that could make us gain weight.

However, that doesn’t mean to avoid carbs! Sweet potatoes and peas are high in iron and potassium, which is always a bonus.

How Much to Feed a Boxer

Us Boxers are considered a large breed because we can become very muscular. I weigh 68 pounds, but I’ve met another Boxer who weighed around 100 pounds before – and she wasn’t even overweight!

Due to our size and fast metabolism, we require a high-calorie diet. Fully grown Boxers like myself need around 1700-2000 calories a day to function properly, and puppies need much more to help them grow. After all, we are very active, so we need a lot of fuel to function.

My human gives me around four cups of kibble a day, and it satisfies my hunger and energy levels. The heavier the Boxer, the more calories they require.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are bad for Boxer dogs?

There are a bunch of foods that we are not allowed to eat. It’s a shame, really, because we Boxers love to eat everything.

However, here are the foods my human has told me off for eating, so I know to avoid them:

  • Chocolate
  • Raisins and grapes
  • Lemons and limes
  • Onions and garlic
  • Tea and coffee
  • Too much cheese
  • Too many potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Raw meat
  • Raw eggs
  • Sugary foods and drinks
  • Some nuts

Should Boxers eat grain-free?

It mostly depends on the Boxer. I can stomach foods that include grains because they are a great source of fiber which helps my digestion.

However, as we are prone to stomach problems, some humans prefer to feed their Boxers grain-free food if they are allergic.

We can get fiber from other ingredients in dog food, including lentils and flaxseeds.

Do Boxers have sensitive stomachs?

Unfortunately, we Boxers are prone to sensitive stomachs. It’s mostly because we are very gluttonous and will eat anything.

If we have eaten something we shouldn’t have, or if a human has changed our diet recently, we may show signs of a sensitive stomach through flatulence and runny stool. Due to potential complications this could create, it’s important to prevent stomach problems!

I recommend a little bit of cooked rice in our meals to settle our stomachs. Rice is high in fiber and lacks flavor, so it provides some substance to make our stool more consistent.

Although we don’t like it, you can always take us to the vet if you have concerns.

Do Boxers have gas problems?

Unfortunately for humans, we Boxers can be quite gassy. Whenever I’m gassy, my human will either laugh or make disgusted sounds.

I don’t mind though, because it’s just in my nature. Us Boxers can be gassy due to stomach and gastrointestinal issues that we are prone to.

While it’s not always a sign of these issues, if we are more gassy than usual, this might be a sign of a health problem.

We are also prone to bloat, which can make us uncomfortably gassy! To avoid this, make sure to not exercise us after we have eaten.

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