Beagle VS “Tumblin Stuart” The Minion – This Is Too Cute!

Have you ever seen the Tumblin' Stuart Talking Plush? Kids love this toy. This cheeky little character looks just like he does in the Despicable Me and Minion movies.

He falls forwards and backwards in a silly tumbling motion before getting back on his feet. Always one to find the funny side, this Tumblin' Stuart Talking Plush also laughs and talks in his original movie voice.

There's no wonder the kids spend hours playing with this adorable toy. But will the Beagle enjoy Stuart's company as much as the kids do?

Well, it turns out beagles don't really like the minions. Especially when they talk back to you :-).

Check out the adorable encounter (battle?!) between “Tumblin' Stuart” The Minion and the beagles on the next page!

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129 thoughts on “Beagle VS “Tumblin Stuart” The Minion – This Is Too Cute!

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