9 Unreal Boxer Cross Breeds You Have To See To Believe

Dogs come in more shapes and sizes than any other species on the planet. And boxers are no exception.

These unreal pics of boxer crossbreeds might shock you at first, but they are REAL.

But one things for sure… I don’t really care what they are I just want to hug them.

If you love Boxers as much as we do, then you’re sure to love these 9 gorgeous Boxer cross breed mixes.

Check out the pics on the next page! We’re definitely in love with number 5 !!!

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1,307 thoughts on “9 Unreal Boxer Cross Breeds You Have To See To Believe

  1. In this pic she really does look like a lab but its funny…if her ears flop a certain way or she lays a certain way, she’s made herself look like so many different breeds it’s almost entertaining!

  2. That’s crossed my mind too. There are times when she’s laying down and her ears “flop up” such that they point up like a great dane and she does look like one. A 52# great dane. Haha! She also loves to track when she’s out and we’re on walks.

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