15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Boxers

Known for its playful, energetic, loyal, friendly and intelligent temperament, Boxers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States (and among celebrities), and for good reason.

Athletic and alert, they are great companion dogs that love to please the owners. In the 19th century, boxers were bred for hunting & dog fighting purposes.

During the war, they worked as messengers, but since have become popular as family pets. Although they are gentle with humans, they make great guard dogs as well.

But as popular as they've become, there are surprising fun facts that you may not know about them. Check out the following fun facts about Boxers:

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99 thoughts on “15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Boxers

  1. Is there a totally black dog that looks like a boxer? One lady, posted that her boxer was black and killed by someone, because they didn’t know what kind of dog it was. People often get them mixed up with pit bulls. I guess they don’t what either breeds looks like. I have had many boxers and I love them all.

  2. Our boxer just turned a year old. She is my first Boxer. I cant even begin to say how much joy and happiness she brings in our lives. I also have two Pugs and she loves them dearly sometimes to much for my older pugs taste.I am so happy I have my three babys .

  3. I always thought boxers bame from a bullenbeisser x bullmastiff not bulldog, and the red dog in 3 is a french mastiff aka douge de bourdeux.

  4. I HAVE HAD BOXERS FOR 40 YRS WOULDN HAVE ANY OTHER KIND THERE KIND GENTEL AND PROTECTIVE OF THERE SPACE. I have a male brendl now 5 years old weighs 75 pounds and loveable.

  5. Number 3 is not a boxer. It’s a Dogue de Bordeaux. I own one. Look it up. I’m not even going to continue with the rest of the article. A seven-year old kid can do a better research that this.

  6. It is a mastiff, its a Dogue De Bordeaux , the French mastiff from turner an hooch, we have one and had a boxer pass away at 9.5 tts old a yr ado

  7. I thought the same thing, Kelly. I believe it was a dogue de bordeaux. Still a beautiful dog as well. My mom always said Boxers are a comedic dog….they make you laugh every day.

  8. The boxer comes from an English bulldog breed and a breed called bullenbeiser which is a type of mastiff. When you have a big boxer, they tend to look like mastiff.

  9. There is no such thing as a black boxer there is however a sealed brindle which look black but in direct sunlight you can see their brindle markings

  10. I have had 2 boxers… the only dogs I have ever owned….they both have been the best dogs..Been around alot of dogs grew up with Great Dane ‘ s (good dogs too.) Just to big…my boxers love all my grandkids never been impressiveaggressive With them… but very protective….all and all great dogs

  11. Yeah I have herd it both ways. Rumor has it there is a guy in Texas who breeds black boxers. I will say this the article said if they appear to be black it’s most likely reverse brendle. So my question is are they actually black or just appear to be. It wouldn’t be that hard to achieve the darker brendle after a few generations.

  12. There is a black boxer. It is called “closed Brindle”. There is a women in Middletown CT who breeds them. They are absolutely beautiful’

  13. There is other colors then brindle and fawn the black bicker is a color is called a seal boxer it is a real color they come in white fawn brindle and seal look it up on akc website

  14. Yes. Wonderful with children. Only prob is when my grandson is picked up by my son-n-law. I think he has “imprinted” on grandson 😉 Rocky is my beautiful white boxer..save brindle on ears and face and around his stubby tail. Great friend of our newly adopted 4 yo long haired chi wa wa. Roxie and Rocky more like sis and bro I should say.

  15. I have my third boxer (rowdy). he is truly the best friend I have ever had it my life! He will be nine tomorrow. They are amazing dogs ever.

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