15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Boxers

6. Boxers have large litter sizes.

It takes almost 3 years for a Boxer puppy to become completely mature.
boxer large litter puppy

7. Boxers have loose big lips and wrinkly face.

Therefore they have tendency to drool and that is the reason they need regular cleaning session.
boxer big lips wrinkly face drool

8. Boxers get along well with other pets and would rarely show aggression towards them.

They have been seen showing aggressive behavior to other Boxer dogs instead of other smaller dog breeds.
boxer aggressive behavior

9. Boxers are also famous for their bite forces.

However they are not tend to bite in humans or to other pets. This can be their natural characteristic but it does not mean they are fighters or are dangerous.
boxer dog fighting biting

10. Boxers having 75% of their coat consisting on white color are called white Boxers.

They are not considered as separate dog breed as they carry same characteristics with just a difference in coat colors.
boxer white coat color

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99 thoughts on “15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Boxers

  1. I have had five boxers 2 white,2 brindle and 1fawn. My best friends ever make me laugh when they can look human at times. Large lap dogs. One of my white ones was deaf he new sign and no one could tell. He did sleep sometimes when he should have up. He was in his silent world. Tufferbear 85 lbs of pure love.

  2. I also like pigs, and I always enjoyed the fact that our boxer used to grunt like a pig when he was eating. He so loved his food. Miss that boy. He’s in doggie heaven now.

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