10 Fruits & Vegetables That Could Kill Your Dog

We love to share food with our dogs, and since fruits and vegetables are healthy for us, we often assume that they’re healthy for our pets, too.

This is often the case, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s always the case. In fact, there are some fruits and vegetables that are toxic to our dogs.

There’s nothing worse than having your dog suffer over a simple mistake in diet. While they’re still man’s best friend, they probably shouldn’t always eat like your best friend.

So if you plan on sharing some snacks with your pup, make sure you don’t feed him or her anything you find on this list!

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204 thoughts on “10 Fruits & Vegetables That Could Kill Your Dog

  1. Peanut doesnt eat a lot of crumbles and wont eat wet pet food, other than bones
    and some type of sausages . she doesnt like meat. .. Not even Steak.
    She loves Yoghurt, Apples & Nartgie (no skin of pips) .
    We have given up trying to force her.

    She is silky, shiney, and healthy.. We call her a Frutarian LOL

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