Dog’s Patience Runs Out When Baby Gets Too Close & Dog “Has A Go” At Baby’s Face

Troy Slezak from Huntington Beach, California, always considered his 1-year-old Husky, Boo, to be one tough cookie.

But his presumptions changed completely when his baby daughter, Stella, embarked on a mission to win the Husky’s heart!

Source: Rumble/YouTube

In this video, we see baby Stella curiously staring at Boo in an attempt to gain her attention.

Boo looks pretty majestic as she sits elegantly on the carpet, and she is determined to ignore Stella’s playful advances.

But Stella is not one to accept defeat so soon. She boldly lifts her hand and begins petting Boo in the most adorable manner.

Boo uses all her patience to maintain a poker face, but she hilariously ends up wavering after Stella’s repeated caresses her nose!

Source: Rumble/YouTube

However, Stella was hardly prepared for Boo’s next move. The mushy dog totally loses her cool and adorably rolls on the floor to cuddle with Stella.

She “attacks” the baby with her non-stop kisses, leaving Stella shocked at Boo’s endearing affection!

Source: Rumble/YouTube

These days, Boo and Stella are practically inseparable. Boo has an amazing ability to sense the baby’s emotions, and she never leaves Stella’s side when she’s upset.

She also looks out for Stella while playing in the yard. As for Stella, Boo is not just a furry companion but a protective and faithful big sister who’d do anything to make her smile.

What a lovable duo!

Click the video below to watch baby Stella trying to get the “tough” Husky to play!

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