He Thought He Saw A Stray Dog Behind His House, But Wasn’t Prepared For THIS!

When a stray dog took up residence outside a man’s home, he noticed the dog had something curled up and nestled against her in the early morning hours. He moved in to get a closer look, and realized the homeless dog had given birth overnight to an adorable puppy. The man already had a menagerie of animals, so he wasn’t able to keep the Mama and her pup, but he took wonderful care of them for three days, before bringing them to the local animal shelter.

As you can see, Mama is nothing but sweet, gentle and kind with both her baby and this hero stranger. Some people have criticized him for how he handled this delicate situation. In response, the man says, “I was cautious not to upset the mum when I picked up the puppy. I wouldn’t have done it if she was upset. She was completely okay with me being around him. Aside from bringing them to the shelter, that was the only time I touched him. Also, it was August so a blanket was unnecessary. She was actually looking for a cool spot more than a warm spot. I didn’t notice her to be having any trouble with fleas.”

And guess what? Mama, who was finally given a name at the shelter — Pepper — was adopted by a loving forever family!! I’m so happy Pepper found her way to this man. Lord knows things could have ended much differently had she given birth somewhere else. He should be praised — not condemned — for his kindness, as not many would have taken care of this Mama and her cute puppy.

How would you have handled this situation?

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