Everyone’s In HYSTERICS When Puppy Does THIS After Spotting Her Owner…OMG!

Dogs have a way of telling us they’re excited, and usually it involves something goofy, silly or just plain ridiculous. Remember this Corgi who gets so excited over dinnertime, he hops like like a bunny? Yea. Pretty darn cute.

But no dog’s excitement stacks up to the puppy you’re about to meet — who is so jazzed when she sees her owner come to pick her up at doggie daycare that she breaks into the most hilarious dance.

I’ve seriously never seen a dog do this before, stand up on her hind legs and jump incessantly for a solid 30 seconds. She’s like a person. And the way her ears flip up as she jumps? I can’t stand it!

It’s safe to say pup’s ready to go home for the day. And that she loves Mom 🙂

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