Dog takes bullet to save soldier’s life. Soldier returns favor and adopts her

While we all love and honor our military veterans for their tremendous service to our country, military dogs often get overlooked. It’s a harsh sight to see.

These dogs sacrifice their lives just as much as any man or woman does, yet once the battle is over, they are often forgotten.

Layka, a German shepherd, happens to one of those military dogs. She is incredibly loyal to her team members, and she is willing to do anything for them, even if it means putting her own body on the line.

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This dedication and love was on display in a recent battle when her team members were caught in a battle. Layka took four bullets for her team members in order to help subdue an enemy shooter.

After the battle, Layka was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors operated on her for 7 hours. Ultimately, they were able to save her life, but she lost a leg in the process.

While recovering, Layka’s military handler fell in love with the dog who saved his life, and he offered to do the same for her. He adopted Layka and finally rewarded her with the love she deserved!

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