Owner Records Raccoon Trying To Lift His ‘Drowning’ Brother Out Of The Pool

It’s not just parents who worry when it comes time for loved ones to jump into the pool — siblings can get a bit frantic as well. Just take Waylon and Willie as an example. These two adorable raccoon brothers like to cool off in the pool just like you and me.

But while Willie absolutely loves to go for a dip in his owners’ swimming pool, Waylon is a bit more cautious.

The raccoons’ mom filmed the boys going for a swim and Waylon’s hilarious reaction to Willie swimming will have you in stitches.

If you look closely at the video, Waylon only puts his front paws in the water and seems to tap his brother to get him back on dry land. Willie, on the other hand, gives a motion as if to say,”Relax, I got this.”

Waylon does anything but relax. I think if he could talk he’d be yelling, “Get back here, it’s not safe!” to his brother, who is dog-paddling like a pro.

Each time the swimming raccoon comes close, Waylon reaches his paws out to try and grab him, scared his brother is in need of help.

“Waylon is trying to save him,” the boys’ mom says. Waylon relaxes a little once his brother is sitting on the top step. But it’s not enough. He then uses his paws to push the swimming raccoon’s bottom and lift him to get him onto the pool deck.

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