Mom tells her Great Dane he can’t swim in the pool, responds with hilarious hissy fit

Even though dogs don’t speak the same language as their owners, they know how to voice their displeasure with one of their owner’s decisions. If their owner tells them they can’t have another treat or forbids them from sitting on a piece of furniture, dogs always find a way to tell their owner that they don’t like what they’re saying.

In this video, Max the Great Dane very clearly says in his own language that he wants to go for a swim in the pool. His mom doesn’t want him to go in because he’ll ruin his nice jacket, and so they have a little humorous disagreement about it.

As his owner repeatedly tells him that he can’t go swimming, Max whines by the side of the pool. Amazingly, Max is deaf, but you would never know it from the way he clearly communicates in the video—his owner thinks he can read lips and he knows sign language.

Max isn’t backing down without a fight—he’s ready for a swim, and he doesn’t care if his jacket gets a little wet. The video ends before we find out the winner of the argument, but it seems like it’s going to be Max. The stubborn pup is ready to stand by the pool all day to get what he wants.

Max is a dog who knows what he wants and will argue until he gets it. Check out the video on the next page to see the whole funny argument between a dog and his mom.

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44 thoughts on “Mom tells her Great Dane he can’t swim in the pool, responds with hilarious hissy fit

  1. This is so Zeus! He likes to argue in what I call his baby bark, he will whine and even lay his head down and stare at you to try to use his cuteness. He will test his limits big time! but…he won’t do whatever he’s hell bent on arguing about until I tell him it’s ok to. It’s so funny. They are very smart and try to dominate the situation. I just have to remind him who’s boss. In all honesty he really does run the house for the most part. He’s spoiled. I just don’t tell him that haha

  2. I’d let the dog get in the water.

    Looks like a multi million dollar home and they don’t want dog hair in the pool filter.

    I’d prefer you delete this post as I personally don’t find it “too funny”

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