Man Tests PetSmart’s ‘All Leashed Pets Are Welcome’ And Brings A Camel

The sign says that pets are welcome in PetSmart stores, but one wonders if that includes all pets, such as a camel. Jeffrey the camel made his way through a PetSmart store in Muskegon, Michigan recently, and all heads were turned his way.

A person from Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo, located in New Era, walked through the store as if the camel were a dog on a leash.

Source: Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo/Facebook

Shoppers in the store snapped photos and videos of the big camel perusing the aisles of PetSmart.

After walking past the pet apparel and treats, the big guy sauntered to the back of the store to pose near some dog beds. Employees couldn’t resist getting a photo.

Source: Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo/Facebook

A camel isn’t the first non-traditional animal to walk the aisles of a “pet-friendly” store.

A guy in Texas took his 1,600-pound steer to a local Petco and caused quite the stir recently. PetSmart does have a pet policy, and camels are not on the list.

Source: Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo/Facebook

We are happy to report there was no camel spitting or sandy paws left behind after Jeffrey exited the building. Watch the video of the camel below.

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