Mom Walks And Asked The Dog What Happened – The Dog’s “Answer” Has Gone Viral

Every once in a while these owners find their pet dogs in mischievous moods, but this time they caught them on camera.

Making poor decisions is something these dogs simply couldn’t help to avoid in these situations, but it turned out to be hilarious moments that the owners can only look back on and laugh about. Once the dogs make their choice, they are instantly remorseful over their actions, but each of them deal with it differently in their own way.

In this adorable clip, a variety of dogs are shown in their most sneaky moments. While some think they can get away with it, others just go for it to see what happens.

As naughty as they seem, we can’t help but feel joy over the fact that these clever creatures are curious enough to push the limits. Not always knowing right from wrong, their curiosity takes them to a place where they have to learn the difference between the two.

So, until they learn they get carried away in their fun and entertain the rest of us in the meantime. When these dogs eat food that doesn’t belong to them, tear up the yard or the house, there is only one thing left to do once they are found.

They know they can’t run and hide to cover up their actions, so they put on they make those big, puppy eyes as cute as possible. Avoiding trouble to their greatest efforts, they hang their head low and show how sorry they are.

Each dog has different situations they find themselves in yet each and every one of them shows repentance in their faces afterwards. Some owners can’t help but cuddle their cuties for being sorry.

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