Dad Tears Up As He Makes Bucket List To Cheer Up His Dying Cancer-Stricken Dog

Detroit man Dan Pinder has been going through an incredibly hard time ever since his 13-year-old dog, Lucy, got diagnosed with cancer.

Dan had previously taken Lucy to the vet for a suspicious lump on her body. He had hoped that it was just a fatty deposit, but it turned out to be a cancerous tumor.

Source: WXYZ-TV Detroit/Youtube

Lucy has already undergone surgery where a part of the tumor was removed. However, the vets have confirmed that her days are numbered.

Dan, who runs a pet-sitting business, has been devastated at the thought of losing his best friend forever.

He had rescued Lucy from a high-kill shelter 10 years ago, but had never expected her to fall sick so abruptly.

Source: WXYZ-TV Detroit/Youtube

After days of turmoil, Dan has finally collected himself and decided to spend the rest of Lucy’s days in the best possible manner.

He has chalked out a bucket list for his dog that includes her favorite fun activities like going to the beach, visiting the pet store, and clicking pictures, among other things.

Source: WXYZ-TV Detroit/Youtube

Brave Lucy never shows her pain and simply wants to stay beside Dan at all times. As Lucy’s final farewell inches closer, Dan is overwhelmed with a multitude of emotions.

He feels that people should cherish every moment they have with their dogs and make every single day count. Dan and Lucy’s story has crushed our souls.

We hope they find strength in each other and make wonderful memories in the little time they have left together.

Click the video below to watch Dan and Lucy’s bittersweet story and keep some tissues handy for this.

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