Paralyzed Cat Drags Himself Around To Cuddle With Sick Dogs And Comforts Them

Lucifer the cat (or Luc) didn’t have a very good start in life as a kitten. He was badly injured in an accident that damaged his spine forever.

He lost the use of his legs and was brought to a clinic in Perm, Russia, in a paralyzed state. The vet staff fell in love with the cuddly Luc as they helped him heal and get better.


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After months of recovery, Luc was still paralyzed but he started dragging himself around the hospital corridors to explore. The poor thing was heartbroken to see the extent of suffering overflowing in every room of the hospital.

Luc couldn’t take it anymore, so he started dragging himself to the sick animals and comforting them with hugs and cuddles! The hospital staff noticed Luc’s anxiety and worry for other animals, so they let him keep visiting the other patients to his heart’s content.

Over the years, Luc has become a constant presence in the hospital. He even donates blood to dying cats in emergency cases! The sick animals also seem to find a sense of calm around Luc and eagerly look forward to his visits!


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Luc knows that being sick is hard and the pain can be unbearable sometimes. But the misery fades away if the patient is surrounded with love and care.

Luc is an empathetic cat who has a heart that is filled with compassion for every creature! Let’s spread the word about the selfless crusade of this beautiful cat!

Click the video below to watch Luc’s endless mission to ease the suffering of the sick animals!

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