Two Dogs In Shelter Prove Their Love Will Not Waver– In Sickness Or In Health

Taco is an 8-year-old Chihuahua. Merrill is a 3-year-old Pit Bull mix. They may look different but these two are not only the best of friends, they are soulmates.

Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

They were dropped off together at a shelter back in 2014. Thankfully, Rocket Dog Rescue pulled them from the shelter to put into foster care so the two dogs wouldn’t be separated and could eventually be adopted out together.

Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

“We just could not stand the thought of them being separated or waiting at the shelter for months to find a home TOGETHER so they are coming to Rocket Dog Rescue!!!” Rocket Dog wrote on a Facebook post they shared.

Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

The photo above took the internet by storm– Taco’s cute little head poking out from Merrill’s body– showing just how close these two really are! Rocket Dog Rescue’s post had nearly 30k shares and over 1k comments! Could this mean that the pair would find their forever home that much faster?

The duo looks so sweet sleeping together in a single bed, proof that Rocket Dog Rescue did do the right thing. They belong together… forever!

Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

Dozens of families volunteered to take them home. But then the rescue faced some crushing news. Merrill became very sick and needed life-saving surgery. Taco was beside himself. He couldn’t lose his best friend! Especially after all they had been through– and being that much closer to finding a forever home, together!

Rocket Dog Rescue posted this:

“These two love each other more than any bonded pair the shelter has ever seen. They cry when leaving each other’s side. This dynamic duo has lost their family, their home, and now we can’t let them lose each other!”

Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

After Merrill recovered, the rescue group had to decide where their perfect home would be. Thankfully, they found the best place for them in San Diego.

The dynamic duo is now in the best place possible and they are thriving! “Merrill & Taco are doing wonderful in their forever home,” Rocket Dog Rescue wrote on a post featuring the photo below. “They are enjoying hanging out by the fire snuggling up after a long, fun filled day.”

Rocket Dog Rescue/Facebook

Two dogs devoted to one another are finally TOGETHER OFFICIALLY in a home of their own!

Merrill & Taco/Facebook

Home sweet home, boys, HOME SWEET HOME! ❤❤

Home sweet Home

Posted by Merrill & Taco on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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