After Firefighter’s Adopted Pup Is Tragically Killed, He Honors His Legacy

A firefighter named Roman found out how much a foster dog can tug on the heartstrings.

San Antonio Firefighter Roman was fostering a dog through San Antonio Pets Alive! in 2013 when he fell in love with a pup he was fostering.

He named the dog Chip and the duo formed an unbreakable bond. Their relationship lasted three years, as Chip was killed in a tragic accident while working at the fire station one fourth of July weekend.

Source: San Antonio Pets Alive/Facebook

Roman was understandably devastated, but he wanted to do something to honor his beloved pup. Every single year since Chip’s passing, Roman fosters a dog on the date Chip died.

“Fostering a dog who has been abandoned, neglected, or has medical issues isn’t always easy,” Roman told San Antonio Pets Alive!

“However, seeing the transition from being homeless to finding a forever home for them is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in life and that’s why I love fostering.”

Source: San Antonio Pets Alive/Facebook

One of the dogs Roman recently fostered, a 5-month-old Golden Retriever mix, was adopted to a loving family just three days later.

We salute you and your legacy of love, Firefighter Roman! Chip would be honored.

Source: San Antonio Pets Alive/Facebook

H/T: News 4 San Antonio 

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