Guy Begins Singing ‘Lion King’ Song, Donkey Walks Up Behind Him & Joins In

Travis Kinley, of Sumter, South Carolina, already opened horses, but he decided to add a donkey to his pack after he saw one that was for sale just north of where he lived.

The three-year-old donkey, named Nathan, was causing trouble at someone else’s house, so Kinley paid $100 to take him home with him.

Travis Kinley/Facebook

Kinley quickly developed a close bond with Nathan, who he says is very playful.

One day, Kinley walked out to his pasture and gathered all of his horses. He began singing Circle of Life from The Lion King, and Nathan then began to walk up behind him.

As Kinley continued to sing, Nathan suddenly joined him.

Travis Kinley/Facebook

“I start singing and Nathan starts to bray behind me, and I’m kind of blown away because we never do this together; we never sing together,” Kinley told WLTX. “He keeps going, so I keep going, and all of a sudden I just kind of break down laughing at the end.”

Kinley posted the video to his Facebook page, which has since been shared more than 86,000 times.

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