Penguin Chicks Scream In Terror As Giant Bird Attacks And A Hero Saved The Day

The life of penguins can be both fun-filled and dangerous. These little angels are nature’s answer to happy-pills, but even they face the occasional horrors of predators in their habitat.


In this awesome clip from BBC documentary ‘Spy in the Snow’, we see a group of chirpy, fluffy little penguin chicks waddle about in their pristine, snowy home.

But their happy-go-lucky day doesn’t last long, as a giant petrel spots them and swooshes in, with the intention to attack.

The penguins are terribly scared as they huddle up together, hoping to defend themselves from the giant bird.

It seems no less than a thriller, as the bird approaches them fiercely. But thankfully, someone has spotted the penguins’ plight!


From afar, this unlikely hero has heard the penguin babies’ shrieks and rushes in to help them out. What follows next is pure gold!

We love how lucky the BBC team got as they filmed this amazing series of events. You have to watch the video yourself to enjoy this moment fully!

Click the video below to watch who saved the baby penguins from the bird!

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