Dog Just Can’t Help Sing Along When His Favorite Song Starts Playing On The TV

Frank is a gorgeous Bordeaux Mastiff who loves good music as much as humans. His owner often finds him howling along passionately to his favorite songs.

Frank especially loves jamming to songs by Alicia Keys as her powerful voice always gets him barking excitedly!

Source: sharkforsale/YouTube

In this video, we see Frank leisurely relaxing on the floor when Alicia Keys’ “Doesn’t Mean Anything” starts playing on TV.

Franks’ earflaps instantly start moving to the beats of the song as he gears himself up for another melodious duet with his favorite singer!

Frank belts out the most soulful of howls to the song while he tries to harmonize beat for beat. He even walks around the room to find the right acoustic spot to let out that pitch perfect howl!

When Frank’s owner momentarily presses “pause” on the song, Frank stops too. But the smart boy resumes “singing” the moment the song is back on!

Source: sharkforsale/YouTube

Frank’s emotional “performance” definitely proves that dogs adore music too. Experts say the right kind of music can even calm down an anxious dog.

This charming video never fails to lift our spirits! Does your dog have a favorite song too? Let us know in the comments!

Click the video below to watch Frank passionately sing along to his favorite song!

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