Abused Tiger Cub On The Verge Of Death Holds On To His Stuffed Toy For Comfort

The Wildcat Sanctuary is a rescue and rehab organization based in Minnesota that has currently over 100 animals under their care.

A few months ago, they heard about 2 tigers and 2 lions trapped in a private backyard menagerie in rural Indiana after their owner’s death.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

The workers learned that the tigers and lions were being bred several times a year, exploited, and sold off on the internet for profit.

As they went in to rescue the animals, they were shocked to find a wee newborn tiger cub who was yet to open his eyes. The cub’s survival was at stake, more so because of his distraught parents.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

The sanctuary rescued and situated the animals, but the staff knew they had to work extra hard to save the feeble cub, who they named Dash. In the initial few weeks, Dash would often cry and scream like a distressed baby.

He later found comfort in a big tiger stuffed toy that stabilized his emotions. Gradually, his health started looking up as he found strength and developed a major fondness for body rolls and belly rubs!

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

We are so proud to see Dash’s transformation from a terrified cub to a wild big boy in just 11 weeks! He looks like an entirely different tiger!

He has got a lot of growing up still to do at the sanctuary, post which his caretakers will let him “choose his own path”. Good luck Dash!

Click the video below to watch Dash thriving at the sanctuary after beating the survival odds.

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