She Threw Her Helpless Beagle From A Moving Vehicle & Reported The Dog Lost

Some people should not be allowed to own animals, and 56-year-old Helen Skulski of Norwalk, Connecticut, is one of them.

According to the Norwalk Police Department, they began an animal cruelty investigation into Skulski after she was accused of cruelly throwing a helpless Beagle out of a car window as she was driving.

A witness reported seeing the 1-year-old dog dangling upside down outside the car before being thrown.

Source: Marliese Streefland/Unsplash

That kind soul immediately rushed to the dog’s side and took him to a nearby veterinary hospital for evaluation, treatment, and care. Amazingly, the dog was not harmed physically, but she was very frightened.

At that point, the dog was placed in the care of Animal Control. Later that same day, Skulski reported her dog was lost, which happened to be the Beagle. As the investigation continued, the Beagle was returned to Skulski.

However, the Norwalk Police Department shared on Facebook, “During the investigation, Norwalk Officers were advised by Norwalk States Attorney’s Office that the beagle must be returned to the owners until evidence of animal cruelty could be provided. During this interim, the Norwalk Animal Control Officer and Wilton Animal Control Officer checked the welfare of the beagle at the Wilton home.”

Source: Norwalk, CT Police Department/Facebook

It was determined that Skulski was the culprit who so hatefully threw the dog out of a moving car. She has been ordered not to own any animals, and the Beagle and a cat were removed from her home. She was charged with cruelty to animals with a $25,000 bond. 

We remind our readers to get in touch with local animal control or a local rescue if you can no longer care for your pets. It is never a viable option to abandon or dump an innocent animal, as the outcome will likely be harm, abuse, death, or all three.

H/T: Norwalk, CT Police Department/Facebook

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