Baby Elephant Is Ambushed By Wild Dogs, Frantic Elephant Mama Calls For Backup

Dennis Browning and his family were visiting the Ingwelala Nature Reserve in South Africa, when they stumbled upon the rare sight of 2 elephants caring for their baby.

As the family begins recording this special moment, they witness a huge pack of wild dogs ambushing the trio.

The wild dogs suddenly attack the tiny elephant calf, and the adult elephants are forced to fight back.

Source: Caters Clips/Youtube

The elephants shield the baby and try their best to chase away the wild dogs with their “noisy roars” meant to intimidate predators.

The wild dogs scatter away momentarily, but regroup to keep preying on the calf.

As this goes on for a while, the elephants are forced to crawl back to the hill to keep the calf safe. That’s when the mama elephant uses her secret weapon!

Source: Caters Clips/Youtube

The mama elephant lets out a “rumbling roar”, which is actually a signal used by .  .  .   Click To Continue Reading >>

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