Baby Argues With Bulldog! It’s Adorable & Hilarious!

In this hilarious video, this adorable baby makes his case with the family Bulldog. Well, I think we've found a future attorney!

In this YouTube video, the baby seems to be trying to explain something to or argue with the poor pup.

The dog just stares at the baby as he babbles away– and after about 30 seconds, gives up and collapses in an exhausted heap! lol

Watch the adorable baby argue with her dog… it’s soooo cute. How can she not win? I’d probably give in no matter what she demanded. Most likely, her bulldog will too!

Check out the video on the next page to watch the adorable tirade play out. It will make you smile from ear to ear, guaranteed!

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58 thoughts on “Baby Argues With Bulldog! It’s Adorable & Hilarious!

    1. Steve Stallings

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      Kim, you should look at Bulldog Rescue sites. I have two English Bulldogs from Lone Star Bulldog Rescue in Dallas, but there are bulldog rescue groups in most states. The beauty of this is you get a wonderful dog, you will give him/her a good, loving home, and you’ll pay way less than getting a bulldog puppy.

  1. Wow! this is new when the baby is “barely one year old” it is a child and how would you feel if someone called you a name or judged you the baby does not know it is doing a simple thing wrong wow people such as yourself need to keep there fat mouth shut before someone busts it for them “Pete” your an a*s

  2. You’ve recycled this at least 8 times in 12 months. Which can be great for the newer fans, don’t get me wrong. But your page is nothing but recycled stuff at this point so I’m outie.

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