Airline Refused To Fly Marine’s Dogs To New Base, So Heiress Charters Private Jet

United States Marine Andrew Morales rescued two dogs, Dusty and Wyatt, while he was on deployment in Afghanistan a couple of years ago, and the three of them have been best friends ever since.

Now, it was time for Morales and his family to move, since he was relocated to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. He tried to find an airline that his dogs could fly on with him, but all of them said the two Anatolian Shepherds were too big to fly on a commercial airplane.

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Morales was heartbroken at the thought of having to give up his furry best friends, so he contacted the rescue that helped him save these pups from Afghanistan. They posted his story online, which quickly spread.

That’s when Helen Rich, great-granddaughter of William Wrigley, who founded the famous chewing gum company in 1891, heard about Morales’ situation.

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Helen, a huge animal lover and supporter of the military, knew she had to help this family. She also happens to be the founder of On The Wings Of Angels Rescue organization.

So, upon hearing this unfortunate situation, Helen sent a private jet for the Morales’ to use so that their two dogs could fly with them.

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Morales is beyond grateful for Helen’s kind actions and hopes to meet her someday so he can thank her in person.

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