16 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

6. When you go to the shelter with no intention of bringing home a dog…but just can't.

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7. This happens…EVERY TIME.

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8. The cuteness is too much sometimes.

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9. Anyone who has windows and a dog knows this.

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10. Those people whose dogs are afraid of everything…you know what this is like.

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26 thoughts on “16 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

  1. I can relate, but as far as the sleeping with me, I expect my Corgi to sleep in the bed with me, but she goes in my mom’s room and sleep with her instead. I think she sleeps in there for two reasons. My mom’s other two sleep in there therefore we call it “the pack room”. Also I think my Corgi knows my mom has cancer and hasn’t been herself since she’s been going through chemo.

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