16 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

There are just some things that cat owners experience that dog owners don't and vice versa.

The personalities and character types of those two animals are so different that the owner's experience definitely differs as well.

Here are 16 things that only dog lovers and owners will have experienced at least once and will definitely understand!

1. That sad look you just can't get mad at.

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2. They want to be by your side 24/7

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3. When your dog takes over your bed.

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4. When you come home and see the couch cushion torn…who could that possibly be?!

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5. The do this ALL the time.

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26 thoughts on “16 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

  1. I can relate, but as far as the sleeping with me, I expect my Corgi to sleep in the bed with me, but she goes in my mom’s room and sleep with her instead. I think she sleeps in there for two reasons. My mom’s other two sleep in there therefore we call it “the pack room”. Also I think my Corgi knows my mom has cancer and hasn’t been herself since she’s been going through chemo.

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