Dog’s Thrown Out At Garbage Dump All Because Owners Got A New Puppy

This is the story of a little dog named Yoda. He was abandoned and left to fend for himself on a trash pile all because his family got a new puppy and didn’t want him any longer.

The poor little pup was only three months old at the time and starved with tick bite fever.

Sidewalk Specials rescued Yoda, and Pet Places agreed to foster him on a short notice. But little Yoda wouldn’t be going to adoption day — because he already found his home!

From a garbage dump to this, the dog is definitely living it up now. 🙂

Pet Places donates 10% of all bookings to Sidewalk Specials. They offer a wide range of accommodation options from historical cottages to family homes and luxury hotels that are all suitable for dogs, cats, caged birds, and other small animals.

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