Two Perfect Breeds Combined To Give Dixie Her Giant Flying Ears

Dixie has all kinds of nicknames: “The Yoda Dog,” “Dobby the House Elf,” “The Flying Nun,” and even “Gremlin Gizmo.”

And it’s all because of her giant ears that look as if she’s ready for takeoff at a moment’s notice!

Her parents just happened to be the perfect combination of breeds to make it happen…

If her ears are held up, she looks like a German Shepherd. When forced down to the sides of her head, she looks like a Bloodhound.

Her human mama had to know for sure and ran a DNA test for the dog’s 12th birthday, and wouldn’t you know it… A German Shepherd/Bloodhound mix!

Dixie is so unique, and Danielle wouldn’t change her for the world! 🙂

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