World Cutest Rescue Dog Winner Was Raised In A Puppy Mill

Meet Lamb Chomp, an adorable Maltese rescue dog that beat out 10,000 adorable dogs in the competition, declared the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog in 2020.

She has won a year’s supply of dog food from the PEDIGREE® Brand, $1,000 (£771) to donate to the animal rescue of her choice, and is even set to make an appearance on Good Morning America.


Lamb Chomp spent her earlier days in a puppy mill and was forced to do multiple births, neglecting her afterward. Finally, a Wisconsin-based shelter rescued and nursed her. She was adopted, and a woman named Christin Schubert gave her a home and love.

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After adoption, Lamb Chomp’s teeth were removed due to neglect. She was also treated for medical complications such as cauliflower ear and tumor. Washington County Humane Society took care of the expenses before Lamb Chop went to her forever home.

She was also experiencing anxiety and Christin did her best to give the puppy the happiness she deserved. She gradually overcomes her anxiety and trust issues.

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This brave pup and her owner worked with a non-profit called Bailing Out Benji, which exposes the connection of pet stores to puppy mills while at the same time educating people to adopt instead.

‘We always say that in order for puppy mills to close, the public needs to stop funding them through their purchases,’ says Christin.

‘Lamb Chop is a super cute face to an ugly industry,’ she added.

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