Woman Saves Dog From Wreck. Dog Takes Her Back To Woods, Then Makes A Surprising Discovery

Kathy Wilkes-Meyers decided one evening to take a walk down her quiet county street. She was enjoying the quiet when suddenly, a dog emerged from the bushes and approached her. The Rottweiler was skinny and seemed to be lacking a home, but the sweet disposition and loving charm of the dog convinced Kathy that this was someone’s dog.

Kathy fed the dog and gave it water. The pups health was very quick to bounce back, but she could still tell that something was wrong with the dog. It was anxious and the demeanor of the canine was very strange. That’s when Kathy remembered something she had recently seen in the news. Right where she had found the dog, a car accident had recently occurred two weeks earlier.

The woman’s instincts had been correct, and there was some sort of connection between the dog and the car accident. Two weeks before she had found the dog, the Kelley’s had been taking a drive together in the family car. Michelle Kelley hit the breaks, and it caused her car to swerve out of control and slam into the side of a mountain.

In the car were Joe and Michelle Kelley, their three children and their dog Ella. When emergency medical teams arrived to care for the family, Ella had been left behind. “The last thing I’d seen was her looking straight into my eyes before she went up into the woods,” said Joe Kelley. Wilkes-Meyer had then pieced together that the dog had been in the area the entire time until she had found her. When Kathy had found her, she was in bad shape. Covered in ticks and fleas, the dog was also starving and it seemed as though no one had found her since the time of the accident.

Kathy decided to take a trip to the accident site with Ella by her side and what happened next shocked her. The dog lead her into the woods to a pile of belongings that were linked to the Kelley family. Ella had collected assorted items that were left after the accident in order to give her faith that she would one day be reunited with her beloved owners. This brought comfort to the dog and gave her the strength to hold on as help arrived and she was taken home.

While Kathy picked through the personal items, she happened to find a notepad with an insurance agents name on it, After calling the insurance agent, he directed her to the Kelley family and the entire situation came full circle.

This video highlights Ella’s journey and everything she went through to be reunited with her family. We are so happy that everything worked out for her!

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  1. I never would have left without my dog, and I never would have left him out there for 2 weeks by himself. Who does that?If there are animals involved in a accident then isn’t the humane society called to come get them?

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