Woman prepares to say her final goodbyes to sick sheep – then next day finds her with a new brood

When pregnant 10-year-old Dotty the ewe fell ill, her adoring owner Amy Hill thought the worse.

The farmer who lives and works on a farm in Nova Scotia, Canada, loves all of her animals but admits she has a particular fondness for Dotty.

Amy thought Dotty would have to be put down. But one morning she arrived in the barn to see a shocking sight.

The super momma had given birth, but that wasn’t the only surprise.

Amy Hill, who lives and works with her family on Snowy River Farms, was heartbroken when pregnant Dotty became ill and thought she may have to be put down.

Dotty had a history of giving birth to twins so she presumed this was the case again.

Due to Dotty’s illness Amy and her medical team suspected her two lambs were stillborn inside of her.

But one morning, Amy walked into the barn and was shocked by what she saw.


“I walk into the barn and saw one wet lamb walk across the front and I thought that doesn’t make any sense and then I ran over to the side and I saw three babies all wet,” she told CBC News.

To Amy’s shock Dotty’s babies were not stillborn and she had given birth to four healthy babies!

Quadruplets are quite rare in her breed and Amy has to help bottle feed them as Dotty only has two teats.

“I’m proud of her she mothers all four of them,” Amy says of Dotty, adding that the hardworking mom won’t breed again as the last pregnancy was enough for her.

Find out more about Dotty and her adorable quadruplet lambs in the video below.

How adorable are these lambs? Such a close bond this farmer has with strong momma ewe Dotty.

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