Woman finds some fur in her backyard – gets closer and hears cries

Some time ago, a friendly woman from Pensacola, Florida, found a little fur ball in her backyard.

When she looked closer, she could see that it was breathing – and hear the poor thing crying.

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The woman, named Sandi Zani, let her cats out on her patio. Then, she suddenly heard a little chirping noise. At first, she thought it was a bird.

But it wasn’t.

“When it kept crying I went out to investigate and found a little ball of fluff in my rose bushes next to the catio. I have no idea how he got there as my yard is completely fenced in,” she told Love Meow.

Apparently, there was only one place in the entire yard where a kitten could have been be pushed in under the fence.

Sandi suspected that the kitten’s mother either tried to move her baby, but dropped him into the bushes, or she simply left him there on purpose.

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Sandi immediately put the tiny kitten in a box with a blanket and rushed to the store to buy food for her little four-legged friend.

In the meantime, he got support from Sandi’s own cats, who watched over the little one.

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Finally, the kitten got some kitten formula and could sleep soundly.

The next day, Sandi brought him to the veterinarian to see how he was doing. The vet guessed he wasn’t even two weeks old because he didn’t have teeth yet.

For the moment, Sandi fed the kitten every 2-3 hours. When Sandi’s at work, a friend feeds her newest family member.

At the same time, her other two cats are highly curious about their new little brother.

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Now, the kitten is fatting up and has gone from 7.5 ounces (220 g) to 13.5 ounces (380 g).

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In order to keep the little kitten warm, Sandi sewed a little shirt for him.

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The kitten also got a name! And it turns out little Kieran also has a large family. He has two brothers and one sister, whom Sandi also found and adopted when they were young.

“Both of his brothers just showed up in my yard when they were around six months old. Sophia (Kieran’s sister) was found abandoned at my work abandoned,” says Sandi.

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